I’m young, I’m a woman, I’m a manager and YES, I am trustworthy!

I probably feel inspired today, (and by the way, it’s raining cats and dogs and it’s the perfect night to write) so I need to send this message to the business world out there.

Many times in the last years I felt as I was in a bubble, and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t just my perception. There is this “invisible glass bubble”, similar in a way to the famous crystal ceiling that most women encounter in their professional path, that generally isolates women in business environments.

Most men readers will probably not understand this, and I don’t blame them, it’s just so hard to understand thing we never experienced.

Well, this is the story. In the business world, mor than in any other environment, women have to struggle 10 times more than a man to be perceived as serious professionals. And most of the times hard work just won’t be enough if not associated to a “men attitude”. Which means: austerity, figures-figures-figures and that “I’m a successful businessman too busy to care about anything else but me” . Nothing personal against figures, of course, I love figures! But just when they’re accompanied by a thorough and inspired analysis!

I was recently discussing this with a female super manager friend of mine, and we both agreed that businesswomen (can you say that?) do not have role models. The only role models they have are men. And incorporating those attitudes into your management style is very dangerous. It won’t just fit. It’s against your nature, why should I be forced to move away from my nature?

Why can’t I just be me? Even if I’m a professional, even if it’s a world run by men, why can’t I just be me and still be appreciated for my ideas, my talents, my analytical skills, my creativity, my passions and YES, my instinct? Is instinct really that bad?

It actually seems it helped evolution …  but what do I know, I’m just a woman 😉

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