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Coop and their new Partecipative Marketing campaign about Eggs – Information, Engagement and Business come together

I was very impressed by this Marketing Campaign run by the Swedish grocery retailer Coop about the fact they no longer sell eggs from caged hens.

Take a look:

Coop Egg Advertising

Coop Egg Advertising

This is different, and brilliant. This campaign is based on a simple call-to-action: put yourself in the hen’s shoes. We’ve given you the tools, and the context, for you to understand why we don’t do that anymore.

Once you will have felt that empathy we wanted to create, you will understand why we don’t sell those eggs coming from caged hens anymore, and why you have to pay more to get the – apparently – same product.

Engaging the customer – asking him to participate to the campaign – is a very common strategy in Guerrilla Marketing, however this is different, as by making customers put themselves in the hen’s shoes, Coop creates thoughts, empathy. And that empathy is what they need to create a connection, to switch the focus from the transaction to the relation. The customer who feels empathy for the hens does not care about a higher price.

What do you think?


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What is Customer Satisfaction?

What is Customer Satisfaction

The one million euro question: what is customer satisfaction?

It is so hard to find an answer, so I’ll just let some words speak for me.

I had a few problems with my order so I spoke customer support a few times. And the customer support is EXCELLENT, never seen it better anywhere else. They really are there to help you. They changed everything into a good experience.”

This is customer satisfaction.

When moments of  pain become moments of magic.

Friction is inevitable. “Shite happens”, they say here in Ireland 🙂 What is hard is to turn a bad experience into a good one, a remarkable one.

Well, how do you get to receive such feedbacks?

Of course, you need to have in your team someone who really cares about the customers. And by the way, what kind of customer care is when people just don’t care? Then, once you know you’ve got the most philanthropic people of the world (!!!) working with you, you need to get the feedback from that saved customer.

Asking the right questions is crucial. A good customer satisfaction survey can give great results if the right question is asked at the right time.

Yes, time. How about asking for feedback when one’s still in the “climax” moment of the e-commerce drama?

For more references and to better understand what I’m talking about please read it.

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The Democracy of Customer Experience (People have the power)


What do Democracy and Customer Experience have in common?

The free market has some pros and cons. Most of the time they collide; it is the case for the existence of competitors.

Your business can reduce margin to increase profit, sure. But that has a limit. When the price is already at the break-even what makes a difference is the Customer Experience.

How do you achieve that? Or better, how do you achieve that without budget?

By creating a customer-centric company culture. Every single person in the company with the same mission: making the customer’s life a little bit better. Every single person in contact with your customers is going to be kind, really helpful and motivated to solve your problems and make your life easier. There’s a nice story about Zappos’ CEO calling in secret its customer service line at 1am expressing the wish to eat a Pizza but not knowing where to get it at that time. The legend says the customer care agent actually sorted it out for him, without knowing it was the CEO. I hope this guy got a promotion 🙂

I do not see anything wrong in this. We are people who also happen to be customers.

I want to have an easier life and I don’t enjoy sharing my vital space with too many people, this is why I shop online. Also, most of the times I know what I want, so I just go online, filter, and sort it out.

If A and B offer the same products at the same price but A gives me a smooth, easy and tailor made customer experience why should I choose B?

This is it. E-commerce is democratic. Those who offer the best Customer Experience will win. Those who don’t treat people the way they should be treated, will loose. People have the power!

The product-centricity era is about to come to an end.

Say hello to the Era of the Customer.

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Customer Experience Best Practices:

shoescribeUnlike its older brother, – the multibrand shoes platform for shoes-aholics – offers an amazing service in terms of Customer Experience. Why? Let’s say a few words on each step of the shoescribe customer journey.

Home Page:

The home page is fresh, tidy, beautiful and functional. The fancy editorial style makes it a very well optimised page with lots of good content and a very clear category organization. In this home page there is space for everything that really matters: the product, of course, the editorial content, some marketing & call to actions (but not too much) the help & info area in the footer. The main characteristic, though, it’s that there is evidence of a very good quantity of quality content! We love it! Let’s move forward to the category page!

Category Page:

A poem. A clean, beautiful and functional category page with an amazing feature: the filter is in the header. The filter, a super functional designer, size, heel size and colour filter, is not anymore on the side bar but is clearly visible on the top of the page. It is expandable and WORKS perfectly! You can easily remove every filter and make one step back without any fear of losing the query.

Product Page:

it’s clean and functional but it might be better. How? SEO descriptions (missing) and product review. But there is a lot of free space in the page layout, so I guess these features shall be developed one day.

Customer Care page:

It’s the part I love most! Maybe because the Customer Care area’s project was managed by one of my best friends and former colleagues, sure. But also because it’ extremely user friendly, simple and straightforward: the most frequent and important subjects are there, easy to read and use. And I Love the communication style! It’s friendly and really warms up the relationship with customers!

Free Return is the new Free Shipping! Freedom is the new Loyalty!


In the mood of “forties are the new thirties”, here comes the Free Return process, which seems to be a much more interesting leverage than Free Shipping nowadays.

This might be due to a simple numerical reason: while online shops generally manage tons of shipments, and can therefore take advantage of lower shipping prices, return shipping is generally upon customers’ expense.

Also, a Free Return banner in the product page has proved to be a good trick to increase the shop’s conversion rate.

The one objection usually made to this procedure is that it risks to increase the return rate. The big question is: should I

A) Help my customers to get the most hassle-free and smooth shopping experience (and so, offer them free, easy procedures)


B) Increase sales in my shop by using non transparent procedures such as hiding the contact number, creating a complicated return process, etc?

Option A is good if you wish to invest on building customer loyalty. It pays back in the long run.

Option B is good if you wish to boost your sales and then fly to the Bahamas. Freddy Mercury used to say “Take the money and run”. Yes, it’s something like that.

In conclusion: dear eCommerce manager, please, make your shop stand out of the crowd and help us making the internet a better place. If you give freedom to your customers, they will give you loyalty in return.

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The Smartest “how to order” breadcrumb EVER

From – Check it out! Great Usability, Great Shop, Lovely Vintage Graphics!

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Sending Newsletters? Don’t forget to speak your customers’ language!


A short post to show you a good example of how Localization can make a difference in email marketing to avoid cultural gaps! last newsletter for the italian market – Chic 7/7 last newsletter for the international market – Chic 24/7

What does it mean?

It means that the copy and the localization specialist were smart enough to understand that in Italian it makes sense to say “7/7” (which means seven days a week) while in English it’s better to say “24/7”, which basically has the same meaning – even if the measurements are different.

Why do I point this out?

Because lack of attention in these small things is more common than you might imagine, and these kind of “cultural” mistakes can actually impact on your direct email marketing campaigns, especially when dealing with huge international DBs.

Localization is just another small thing that can actually help reducing the distance between you and your final customer.

The Anatomy of the Perfect Contact Form

Very interesting article on Shoot the hippo about contact forms: The Anatomy of the Perfect Contact Form

The suggestions stress how important it is to guide the customer in every online process without being too invasive.

Personally, I think most of the suggestions here are useful, the only “con” I find is that I would probably reduce the background noise of this page: it seems to me a little bit too “busy”.

But again, the breadcrumb is perfect, the form validation is working fine, the “customer’s feedback” on the right makes the website perceived as trustworthy and the notice tells you how long you will have to wait to have an answer. Also, there form is very short, only the necessary data are required!

It is indeed very efficient.

This enlightening article suggests:

1) Progress Bar – Show people where they are at in the process

2) Clear heading:

  • Include a call to action ‘fill out the form below’.

  • Include a reference to it being easy ‘simple’.

  • Be approachable ‘please’

  • State what will happen when the form is sent ‘our team will call you back’

3) Reasure your visitors – Explanation  State why you need the information and that you will never share it

4) Use oversize, colour form fields with field descriptions in the fields

5) Use inline errors – or rather inline congratulations! Reward with a lovely tick for each success

6) Terms and Conditions – If you have to have terms and conditions then make it easy

7) Security logos – Demonstrate that the page/ information is secure

8) Oversize me! Use an oversize button that describes what happens when the form is completed. Use this opportunity to remind people that you are great ‘to the experts’

9) What happens next? Explain when people should expect a response

10) What’s the product? Add an image or description about the product or service that the person is enquiring about to remind them that they are in the right place

11) Testimonial: Present a testimonial on the contact page to remind people that other people think you are great

12) State your services to remind people that they are filling out the correct form.

13) Show your physical address and demonstrate that you are real and reputable!

I couldn’t agree more!

Thank you so much Tom Bowden for sharing your precious knowledge!

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Product Reviews & eCommerce: a Love Story


Smart product reviews like the one above have the following effects:

1) They make your customers give information about your product’s wearability to your potential customers.

2) By giving wearability information they are likely to reduce the return rate. By inserting such constraints (large fit, right fit, small fit) you “gently force” the customer to give specific wearability information, which is soooo useful.

3) They are very good for SEO. The review’s content might attract traffic straight into the product page. And it’s generally good traffic, because if people look for a review it generally means they intend to buy the product at some point.

4) They increase your credibility AND reduce the time the customer needs to make a decision. Which is good! 🙂

And by the way, how much do we love those tabs? So clean and functional, they contain all the information a customer might ask. This is indeed a very good organisation for a complete product page!

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There is not much I can say to explain how much I love this online shop and how beautiful, clean, and functional this category page is! And the product … beautiful, elegant and luxurious hand made italian jewellery. It’s love at first sight!

Just take a look at it and enjoy beauty, elegance, Made in Italy and eCommerce excellence …

Take a tour here:


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