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Are you winning?

Are you winning?I have just finished reading an enlightening book from professor Ian Robertson, The Winner Effect: How Power Affects Your Brain.

Of all the very interesting things I read, there is one which caught my attention more than anything else: the concept of responsibility.

Basically, what prof. Robertson asks himself is: “why does the winning factor of great personalities not affect automatically their children?”. He was bringing the example of Pablo Picasso, whose son Paulo could never succeed in his life despite such a wonderful example of geniality given by his father.

Well, what prof. Robertson discovered is that in all those cases when the children of very powerful genius were basically losers throughout all their lives, something peculiar had happened: their parents had hidden the ladder of their success.

This means that they had hidden a ladder representing all the steps they took to become successfull, so that nobody else could be able to reproduce the same.

And this happened only when such parents perceived themselves as Gods, Kings (Pablo Picasso would refer to himself as “The King”) and in general attributed their success to a sort of genetic or natural predisposition, rather than to commitment and practice (it has been shown that “genius” only comes after 10.000 hours of practice).

To conclude, not taking responsibility of your own actions will, in general, assume that all the outcome of your current existence only derives from external factors or external circumstances. And this can hardly lead to something good.

As a matter of fact, all of the depressed people I know refer to their situations as “unlucky, impossible to change, predestinate” and use words as “bad luck, the future can only be worse, there is no work for people anymore in this society, there is no place for me in the world”.

The thing here is, whether you are successful or not, circumstances are just an ingredient of your situation. Giving them a 100% of the responsibility means you basically have no power on anything, you do not deserve anything, you will not be able to achieve anything with just will of power and your own strengths.

And if you perceive yourself like this, who will ever invest on you?

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The unbearable lightness of being a LEADER

the unbearable lightness of being

I “steal” the quote from this incredibly intense book I read when I was a teenager to explain the paradox of leadership.

Why paradox?

Well, I guess it’s because Leaders need to be able to carry a lot of weight without being overwhelmed, carry weight but stay light.

Leaders who cannot do this will eventually surrender because of the too much pressure.

What are, then, the prerequisites for being a Leader? Not only lightness, I say, but also the environment around him, even though even the best possible environment will not help if Leadership is not in the DNA.

The best seeds will not grow in cement.

Being in an environment where you can say what you think, when debating and challenging other leaders’ ideas is not only accepted but expected, that is the right place for a Leader.

There are not many places in the world where this is possible, but if you stumble upon one of those, please stop.


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