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The best job application ever (all my friends are geniuses)

Please take 5 minutes to take a look at this incredible job application! Thank God we still have creatives like this in the world 🙂



ecommercerockstars towards new adventures …

adventure, adventure, adventure

My beloved readers – especially you, from Australia, Hong Kong, Egypt, Pakistan, Uruguay (It’s not that I don’t love readers from the other countries, it’s just that you, reading me from such far places, make me feel some sort of important responsibility).

My beloved readers, I was saying (I know, I wrote a main clause without verbs: I feel transgressive today!).

I had wonderful news this week and I’m going to start a new adventure in 2013.

I will miss so much the people I’ve been working with here in Dublin but it just felt right to jump on this train and move over.

Why? Well, because I LOVE e-commerce (maybe you should know this by now) and because the place I will go is THE place for e-commerce and customer experience. I’m thrilled! I would not have left where I am now for anywhere else but where I’ll go, so it just feels right.

Also, it involves a pretty awesome lifestyle change: a house in the countryside, a life by the sea, etc.

I will not tell you where I am now and where I will be in 2013. I prefer to leave an air of mystery around it 🙂

This will not change anything, though. I will keep blogging and searching the web for best and worst practices to discuss together and I will keep in mind the ultimate mission of making the internet a better place. 


Let’s start with the internet and see if the world can change accordingly.

ecommercerockstars @ Dublin Web Summit 2012!

Dublin Web Summit 2012

Just a few words to inform you that on the 17th and 18th I will be blogging from the amazing Dublin Web Summit event!

I am really looking forward to attend this event, so many amazing speakers and so much to see, listen, and say!

Have a super nice day!


eCommerce rockstar 

Communication Breakdown (a concrete example)

Everybody talks about communication nowadays, but very few show to actually understand its meaning.
As far as business in concerned, I can surely say that companies managed by extremely communicative leaders are much more likely to be successful than other “old style” companies.


Well, first of all, communicative leaders are inspired AND inspiring. It means that they have dreams, visions, and even if they maybe don’t know exactly how to get from point A to point B they will most likely find “technical” people to help them achieve those targets.

Second point, they are able to communicate their dreams and visions to their collaborators, from the beginning – the recruitment moment. So the communicative and inspired leader has dreams and visions, and sets up a start-up. She/he hires the right people, inspired as well, and they start working together. These people squeeze their brains not to let down their boss, and always try to find new solutions (to optimise the workflow, or any other kind of thing that can help the company). Most of the time they work overtime even if this is not requested, and for sure they give 100% of their talents in the workplace.

Is there still anyone out there who doesn’t understand how crucial communication is and how much it can actually make a difference to build a successful business?

Apparently, yes, and thanks to them those who excel can do it even better!

So, thank you, uncommunicative leaders, for giving such good examples of what NOT TO DO to create value. The world is not that big and there is not that much room for everyone, and bad examples as just as precious as the good ones.

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The consequences of micromanagement

For this first post I got inspired from a statement by Gerry McGovern, whose book “Killer Web Content” I have just finished reading (read more).

Gerry says:

“Don’t micromanage. Apple, Disney, were all places where great collaborations occurred. Many of these collaborative efforts had difficult leaders; however, one thing that most of them didn’t do was micromanage. They tended to select great people and let them at it. If any of them didn’t meet the standards expected, then the got bawled out of it, of course.”

and I couldn’t agree more.

Managing a team of many, I can surely say that micro managing would rapidely cause a massive disaster, both in terms of organization and in terms of relations.

Micromanagement, in short, means:

1) I don’t trust the people in my team

2) I don’t want to trust them

3) I dont’ want to teach anything to them; I believe my knowledge has to remain MINE forever

4) I will never be able to see the big picture, as every manager should do: I’m wasting to much time in checking every small detail in other people’s work

5) I don’t realize that people hate working with me and that my attitude is just invasive.

How do you think Heads of huge companies can manage the stress of leading thousands of people and still get to sleep as “children”?

Building a “chain of trust” is the only answer.

Management is just a question of trust.


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