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How to make online shopping difficult

PromoD never stops surprising me.

If there is ONE THING that you need to have if you sell clothes online, is a colour/size filter.

It generally always is on the left navigation bar, allowing the shopper to refine results based on a desired colour, or most importantly, on a desired size.

It’s pretty much the reason why shopping for clothes online is easier than in real shops: sorting your choices by colour, size or category takes much less effort than browing a real shop, crowded with people, with missing sizes, and so on.

Plus, you can see all you need, in one page, at a glance.

Now, PromoD, why would you hide your filter in the one place nobody would ever expect to find it?

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.32.35 AM

Conventions are so useful, especially online. Why do UX designers think that moving a filter from the left navigation bar to the middle of the page, where nobody can see it, is a good idea?

Someone pleas help me understand that.


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Localization, where are thou?

IMG_2529 IMG_2530

Evernote 3

I don’t know if everybody gets annoyed at bad localizations like me. Bad localization AND poor grammar are those things that really really make me mad. Especially in digital products. I mean: you are clearly renown, you have funds, you have the resources to make your app stand out of the crowd, you decide to localize it in N languages and you do it this bad?


What is the ultimate target of localization if not making the unfamiliar familiar?

And what is less familiar than a word in your own language with a wrong letter? I tell ya. Nothing.

A word in your own language with a wrong spelling creates that sense of étrangement – as we say in rhetoric. That is, it makes everything to the reader a little strange

How can language make such a difference in the perceived value of a digital product (app, e-commerce, etc)?

Well, by making everything in the product familiar to the buyer. A localized content is what makes the customer feel at home, comfortable and trustworthy. These feelings are – guess what – the best sediment for a fertile and long-term customer engagement.

In other words: words – allow me the repetition – are the best way to cultivate your customers’ trust.

Some examples of things that let me down about Evernote, one of my favourite apps.

Italian people will understand.

1) “In atteSSa della pagina”

2) “CoLLazione”

3) “I mie Pasti”

4) “Tocca per ritagliare le ricette e salvarNE nell’account Evernote”.

Evernote: how can i trust you if you don’t even spell the words in my language properly? 

What do I have to think about you?

1) That you use an automatic translator (bad, bad, bad).

2) That your italian localization guy does not speak italian (bad, bad, bad).

3) That you don’t really care about Italian customers. Then, why doing the localization?

Apart from this, I love your app 🙂

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Shut up, be quiet and deliver the project! (Ode to Silence)

headless chickens

All you have to do is think!

A short post about web project management.

As most of you know I’ve been sailing in the web project management ocean since some time now, and I’ve had the opportunity to see successful and unsuccessful projects. As it always happens, the bad results have taught me more than the good ones 🙂

A leitmotiv that I have identified in the unsuccessful projects I observed is the lack of balance, quiet and calm of the project manager.

Too many times projects are managed without even knowing that they are projects. Let’s make myself clear: too many times projects are managed by whoever happens to be around when the idea is discussed with the clients. Not having designed project managers to deliver projects mean that the wrong people might be in charge. What do I mean by the wrong people? Well, I just mean people with the following attitude:

1) People who never shut up, take 1 hour of silence and actually THINK.

2) People who are reactive and not proactive.

3) People who produce noise, chaos and approximation in whatever they do.

In general, people who are unable to pursue interior silence. Therefore, people who are unable to approach a project calmly and by logically analysing how the work should be broken down, what the schedule should be, who is accountable for what, what issues might arise and how much time would be needed to overcome challenges. Another detail to consider is that projects are delivered by PEOPLE. If the project manager transmits a feeling of disorder, chaos, anxiety, etc, the people involved in the project will work like headless chickens (!!!). The project manager will most likely forget about these people until the project is due. Then, when things don’t go the right way, the people will be suddenly remembered again, only to be blamed.

Oh, and let us not forget about passion and enthusiasm.

Motivation and engagement are the key factor to a high performing project with people actually having fun delivering it!

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