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The Democracy of Customer Experience (People have the power)


What do Democracy and Customer Experience have in common?

The free market has some pros and cons. Most of the time they collide; it is the case for the existence of competitors.

Your business can reduce margin to increase profit, sure. But that has a limit. When the price is already at the break-even what makes a difference is the Customer Experience.

How do you achieve that? Or better, how do you achieve that without budget?

By creating a customer-centric company culture. Every single person in the company with the same mission: making the customer’s life a little bit better. Every single person in contact with your customers is going to be kind, really helpful and motivated to solve your problems and make your life easier. There’s a nice story about Zappos’ CEO calling in secret its customer service line at 1am expressing the wish to eat a Pizza but not knowing where to get it at that time. The legend says the customer care agent actually sorted it out for him, without knowing it was the CEO. I hope this guy got a promotion 🙂

I do not see anything wrong in this. We are people who also happen to be customers.

I want to have an easier life and I don’t enjoy sharing my vital space with too many people, this is why I shop online. Also, most of the times I know what I want, so I just go online, filter, and sort it out.

If A and B offer the same products at the same price but A gives me a smooth, easy and tailor made customer experience why should I choose B?

This is it. E-commerce is democratic. Those who offer the best Customer Experience will win. Those who don’t treat people the way they should be treated, will loose. People have the power!

The product-centricity era is about to come to an end.

Say hello to the Era of the Customer.

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Customer Happiness Index: why not …


During one of my macro-economy exams at the University I learned about the Index of Genuine Happiness. That concept impressed me a lot. It was calculated by taking into consideration education, medical services, life expectancy, etc.

I’m about to say three words that will annoy many serious customer experience professionals: Customer Happiness Index.

Why not, I say.

How to measure it?

Well, with Social Media Integration CRM has dramatically changed (and will keep changing even more in the future).

So, which data will be relevant when willing to measure your Customers Happiness Index?


*Genuine Happiness Index – Demographic per country: ie. = official social statistics about Genuine Happiness Index of females from 15 to 25 in Italy.

* Purchase behaviour = orders per customer, average order value, purchase activity throughout the year, promotional response (is the customer sensitive to brand awareness or promotional newsletters?)

* Number of friends on facebook? (clearly not taking for granted that the more, the merrier. I would probably think the opposite).

* Online presence?

Many data could be retrieved, used, crossed and put together to create different customer personas.

What comes next is easy. Once you know who you’re talking to, you need to make sure that – whatever it is that you’re trying to say – you speak their very own language.

It’s not just about marketing. This could be used to do some useful marketing, the one that aims at encountering people’s needs.

But maybe I’m a little bit too idealistic.

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Free Return is the new Free Shipping! Freedom is the new Loyalty!


In the mood of “forties are the new thirties”, here comes the Free Return process, which seems to be a much more interesting leverage than Free Shipping nowadays.

This might be due to a simple numerical reason: while online shops generally manage tons of shipments, and can therefore take advantage of lower shipping prices, return shipping is generally upon customers’ expense.

Also, a Free Return banner in the product page has proved to be a good trick to increase the shop’s conversion rate.

The one objection usually made to this procedure is that it risks to increase the return rate. The big question is: should I

A) Help my customers to get the most hassle-free and smooth shopping experience (and so, offer them free, easy procedures)


B) Increase sales in my shop by using non transparent procedures such as hiding the contact number, creating a complicated return process, etc?

Option A is good if you wish to invest on building customer loyalty. It pays back in the long run.

Option B is good if you wish to boost your sales and then fly to the Bahamas. Freddy Mercury used to say “Take the money and run”. Yes, it’s something like that.

In conclusion: dear eCommerce manager, please, make your shop stand out of the crowd and help us making the internet a better place. If you give freedom to your customers, they will give you loyalty in return.

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Life is already too hard to be trapped into a tricky shopping experience!

I will never say it enough: online shopping is supposed to be EASY!

Life is already too hard to be trapped into a tricky shopping experience.

This video from Google Analytics explains to all those companies who just don’t care about their online shopping experience how their customers are actually treated!

Love your customers, and they will (most likely) love you back!

Ignore them, cheat them, give them too many captchas, and they will just leave (and probably go to your competitor).

Check-it out!

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