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Advantages of e-commerce: a sentimental post

I love e-commerce

When Christmas madness comes is the moment I remember more how much and why I love e-commerce.

At Christmas you also usually get more sentimental / emotional, so this is a strictly non-scientific post about why, sometimes, digital wins over physical, in my world.

In macro-terms, and presuming that the e-commerce experience is smooth (that is: no walls between me and the item I want to buy), shopping online is much easier than shopping in real life, and here are the main 3 reasons why I love e-commerce:

1) Order vs Chaos: How many times I entered a huge shop crowded of people and items and had the impression of a chaotic mess of dresses randomly hanging on the shop’s walls after a bomb had exploded? I mean, especially before/after Christmas, when crazy people become crazier and throw things on the floor. How many times have I wished to have a filter, right there at my fingertips, where I could select “dresses” “green” (yes! my favourite colour is finally colour of the year!) “L”. But no, no filters in physical shops. There’s not even a Category page where you can easily land and have that orientation that you need for a good journey (in this case, the journey).

2) Noise: by noise I mean: anything that can distract me or annoy me during my shopping experience. How many times have I wished that people could be just “hidden” as annoying pop ups? Screaming teenagers, screaming babies, screaming mums. There’s no such thing online. Online, it is quiet. It’s oh so quiet! Also, to make it more uncomfortable, 100% of physical shops decide to pump music I hate in my ears. Why? Why? Why? I just wanted to buy a pair of jeans and now I’m in a sort of techno-pop party. There is no such public place where they play Pink Floyd. (Actually yes, it happened to me once at Bologna airport. A pretty weird experience, but pleasant overall). Online, if the shop was built in 1994 and never updated, there might me an introductory music. But you can just click and turn it off.

3) Time: as many of you know, I live in Ireland. Dublin, more specifically. Since my first day here I asked myself: “how are they gonna do with the economy?”. Basically shops open every day at 10 and close at 6. The late ones at 6.30. People work from 9 to 6. Therefore  workers (people with an income!) cannot shop during the week. The only moment when they can shop is the weekend. Which is also the moment when all the others can shop. And here comes the mess. How cool is to do your shopping from your sofa at 11 pm and have the groceries delivered the following day?

Pointless to say, I guess, but I bought all my presents online. Even my super amazing number 1 christmas comfort food: Panettone Margherita. Which I bought here: http://shoponline.bistefani.it/


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